Photo Engraving

Photos are becoming more and more popular as cameras are part of everyday life being on virtually every cell phone.  The quality of these pictures is improving as technology improves and each cell phone producer is trying to out-do the other.  Those of us more professionally inclined with quality camera equipment have the same need as everyone to show their work.  Methods of displaying photographs are usually limited to on-screen display, printing or mass printing.  Rocwood Designs offers an alternative to showcase your picture artwork.  Our specialised software can process your photograph that can control the laser engraving machine to transfer the image onto almost any flat medium.  Wood is a favourite, but it can also be engraved onto Perspex or acrylic, MDF (supawood), stainless steel, leather, glass and mirror, tiles, plastic, stamping material and many other materials.   View our gallery for examples of our work.